In order to protect your privacy, this “Cookies Policy” has been drawn up to inform you and to meet the requirements of the amended “Data and Civil Liberties” law and the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the use of cookies by OKAIDI.


What's a cookie?


While visiting our website, cookies are deposited on your computer, your mobile or your tablet. A cookie is a text file which is deposited when you visit a website or view an advertisement. It is intended to collect information relating to your navigation and send you services which are adapted to your device in order to improve your browsing experience. In addition, we use cookies to identify you and access your account, for example.

If you do not want to use cookies, you must configure the settings of your computer to delete all the website cookies and/or receive a notification if cookies are stored. This procedure is explained below.

If you do not want to change the cookie configuration, simply continue with your visit on the website.


You can set your cookie preferences at any time by clicking here.


To learn more about cookies and their impacts on you and your navigation experience, consult the CNIL (The French data protection authority) website:

Who deposits cookies?

Cookies are deposited on the website directly by the company OKAIDI: a simplified joint stock company whose registered office is located at 162 boulevard de Fourmies, in Roubaix (59100) registered with the Trade and Companies Register of LILLE METROPOLE under the number 398 110 445.

In addition, cookies are deposited by some of our partners on the website, known as third party cookies.


What kind of cookies do we use?

  •       Authentication cookies: These cookies are essential in order to identify you and access your account on our website. They expire when you leave the navigation session.
  •       Audience measurement cookies: The purpose of these cookies is to obtain information about the browsing of visitors, and to understand their paths. This allows us to improve the Okaidi website and enhance the customer experience.
  •       Advertising cookies: These cookies allow for the display of advertising messages in the name and on behalf of the Okaidi brand when you browse on sites other than The data collected via these cookies is used exclusively in the context of advertising campaigns and are anonymous. They therefore allow us to offer you advertising content which meets your expectations.
  •       "Social network" cookies: These cookies facilitate interaction with the various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) on the Okaidi site and allow visitors to share the content of their choice. These cookies can also facilitate visitor interaction on the Okaidi website via the community chat tool.
  •       "Personal recommendation" cookies: These cookies facilitate the recommendation of Products and/or Services on the Okaidi Site, thanks to the analysis of your navigation.


For your information, we use retargeting technology. This allows us to display personalized advertising on the Websites, newsletters or applications which is focused on your needs via our advertising partners' banners. Advertisements are displayed according to a use behavior analysis which is based on the cookies. No personal data will be recorded here and the retargeting technology will be used in compliance with the legal provisions relating to data protection.


Which of our service providers are likely to collect cookies?



  •       ADOBE: ADOBE CAMPAIGN uses cookies in order to improve your customer experience, create groupings among its customers, and will allow us to offer you email and SMS advertising campaigns that will be customized to your specific needs. ADOBE ANALYTICS uses cookies for statistical purposes. They make it possible to analyze and measure the audience of the site, based on the information obtained on visitor navigation, and see how they can improve the user experience. For more information on ADOBE's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       AWIN: AWIN uses cookies on the site which are installed only when you are on the order confirmation page. The purpose of these cookies is to know the source of your purchase: in particular to know if this purchase is made after you have clicked on a link or an advertising banner of an affiliate partner. For more information on AWIN's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       BAZAARVOICE: BAZAARVOICE collects cookies in order to allow you to share your opinions and experiences on our products, and to allow Okaidi to better guide you in your future purchases and enrich our product feedback.  For more information about BAZAARVOICE's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       BING: BING uses cookies to store information about the content you viewed on the site in order to provide personalized advertising when you visit other sites. For more information about the BING Privacy Policy, please visit:


  •       COMMANDERS ACT: COMMANDERS ACT uses cookies to help us manage data from its collection to activation. COMMANDERS ACT also uses cookies in order to be able to improve your customer experience, to create groupings among its customers, and will be able to offer you email and SMS advertising campaigns that will be customized to your specific needs. For more information on COMMANDERS ACT's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       CRITEO RETARGETING: CRITEO uses cookies to store information about the content you viewed on in order to provide you with personalized advertising when you visit other sites. You can choose to disable this type of advertising by reading the following page:


  •        FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK uses cookies on the site in order to be able to broadcast advertising messages that are adapted to you after visiting our site. For more information on FACEBOOK's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       FLOWBOX: FLOWBOX collects cookies to allow Okaidi to exploit the photos and videos you post on social networks. This allows us to be inspired to offer users a more enjoyable and practical way to discover the Okaidi products through its users. The cookies collected will therefore allow Okaidi to make use of your publications and benefit from the generated feed. For more information on the FLOWBOX privacy policy, please see:


  •       GOOGLE: GOOGLE uses cookies to store information about the content you viewed on the site in order to provide you with personalized advertising when you visit other sites. GOOGLE also uses cookies to improve the user experience on the site and to provide you with customized advertising. For more information about Google's privacy policy, please visit:


  •       MADMETRICS: MADMETRICS uses cookies to improve your experience on the site. Indeed, MADMETRICS analyzes and measures the audience on the site, according to the information obtained on user navigation. For more information on MADMETRICS' privacy policy, please visit:




Who receives the information stored in the cookies?

The information stored in cookies issued by Okaïdi or its partners is intended for them, except in the case of "third-party cookies", which are exclusively managed by third parties and for which they are fully responsible.



How to manage cookies on browsers? How to accept or refuse cookies on your device?


Cookies can be managed in different ways: Depending on your preferences, you can authorize, refuse, disable (a cookie which is already deposited can only be disabled, it will be erased only at the end of its life). We draw your attention to the fact that the total refusal of cookies can make some of our Services inaccessible or cause a use which is less efficient, less effective or less adapted to our services.

You can express your choices and change your preferences on your browser.

Each browser's configuration is different. It is up to you to follow the your browser's editor's instructions as follow (links available on the date of update of this confidentiality charter):


Pour Chrome :


For Internet explorer:


For Firefox:


For Opera:

You can decide to refuse behavioral advertising by using the tool provided on this site ( Cookies deposited when using the share buttons are also included in this platform.


How long are cookies stored?


Cookies are stored for 13 months maximum.