How can I read customer reviews and contribute a review on a product?

You wish to read the customer reviews on a product or see the average score for a product: 
To do that, go to the product description for the product in question and click on "(XX review)" next to the product photo or click on the "XX review" tab beneath the product photo.

You wish to contribute your review on a product that you have purchased in a store: 
To do that, go to the product description of the product in question on www.okaidi.ca and click on "Write a review" or on "Be the first to write a review". You will then be asked to log in to your Okaidi customer account and then to fill out a questionnaire in order to collect your review of the product as well as your profile. 
This review will then appear on the product description of the product in question and will remain visible to internet users during the entire period of sale of the aforesaid product. Reviews are displayed in chronological order by default. The review will contain the ex

perience date of the User who has written the review.

How are customer reviews on products moderated?

For the sake of transparency, we publish all customer reviews for which the content is relative to the product characteristics, whether they be positive or negative. 
Reviews will be excluded if the content is relative to: 
- The order and its follow-up (delivery, exchanges, returns, refund…), 
- Technical issues encountered on the website, 
- Comparisons with other sales outlets and in particular our competitors, 
- Any question (partnership request, supplier contact … ) which does not concern the product characteristics, 
- Anything which is contrary to public order and accepted standards of behavior, 
- As well as any term which can be interpreted as an insult or slander against the author or any other physical or legal person. 
As a result, OKAIDI: 
- can freely maintain a review on its website or delete it by indicating the grounds for this refusal. 
- is in no way obliged to publish the User's review or compensate the User for the non-publication of a review, as the publication and maintenance of a review are at the discretionary choice of Okaidi. However, should a review be refused, the User will be informed of the grounds for the refusal by any appropriate means.

Reviews will be published within 5 to 7 days.

Intellectual property: 
The User declares and expressly accepts that the use of the customer review form in order to write a review on an Okaidi product shall imply assignment to the benefit of Okaidi of any reproduction, adaptation and disclosure rights for this review on the Okaidi brand website or on any communication media which has been freely chosen by Okaidi. 
Personal data: 
In addition to the review as such formulated by the User, Okaidi reserves the right to disclose any information which has been entered and/or validated by the User during the drafting of the review. 
When formulating and validating a review, you may be asked to complete and/ or validate certain personal data which will not be used for commercial purposes. The information collected is indeed necessary so that we can ensure the reliability of the formulated reviews and improve the services that we offer to our customers. 
The information collected is indeed necessary so that Okaidi can ensure the reliability of the formulated reviews and improve the services that Okaidi offers to its our customers.

Finally, in accordance with the regulations in force, you have the right to access, enact anticipated directives, rectify and oppose the processing of your personal data. You just need to write to: 
OKAIDI SAS – Service clients - 162 boulevard de Fourmies, 59100 ROUBAIX FRANCE 
or by the form https://en.okaidi.ca/contactus
and indicate your last name, first name and e-mail address. 
In accordance with the regulations in force, your request must be signed and accompanied with a photocopy of proof of your identity which bears your signature and specifies the address where we can send you the reply.

The user can also view or modify their personal data in their account.