Obaïbi’s expertise combined with the experience
of early childhood professionals


The perspective of 2 experts on the well-being of little ones

Obaïbi spoke with early childhood professionals and considered their expert opinion when designing their collections.
An educated perspective that supported Obaïbi's expertise, especially when it comes to the care given to comfort and ease of wear.

« Health professionals agree: Our clothing can have a real impact on children's developmental stages. »

Dressing your baby is most of all a gesture of love...it's also a way of reassuring them, helping them discover the world and supporting them in their development.

How can clothing contribute to baby's development?

Together, Obaïbi and early childhood professionals have defined 3 particularly important themes.

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  • Self
  • Emotional
  • Movement...

Self esteem

Self esteem

The child needs caring attention and positive communication to feel loved, and to develop confidence in the image reflected back at them.

What does that mean for baby's everyday life? I love when daddy is the one who dresses me...and I love his face when I put my t-shirt on right the first try: He gives me his very best smile! He also thinks this colour looks great on me, and he tells me so.

I’m so pretty!

Emotional security


They are reassured by the presence of all adults who care for them and by the love of their parents. All this attention gives them the confidence they need to learn.

What does that mean for baby's everyday life? When mommy changes me, we always play a game! She says “peekaboo” when she’s finished putting on my bodysuit and my head pops out (without getting stuck!). I laugh every time and it makes me feel good.

Peekaboo, here I am!



Giving children the freedom to move makes them feel safe and accomplished. Movement is how children express themselves.

What does that mean for baby's everyday life? No buttons, no snaps...so I'm free to go out and discover my surroundings, without constraints, in my pants! Yesterday, I was so proud of making it all the way to the coffee table.

Away I go!

What are the must-haves for
heading back to daycare?

For the best possible experience at daycare or with a new nanny, your little one will need comfortable clothes that reassure them and keep them moving freely.
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