More responsible

By sourcing organic cotton, by choosing to recycle plastic bottles, and by investing in the latest technical innovations, our brands make the choice to protect the environment.

  • Organic
  • Recycled
  • Recycled

100% of our bodysuits,
t-shirts and pajamas
are made from
organic cotton*

A natural material
that's gentle on
sensitive skin

Soft and natural, organically-produced cotton has the advantage of being grown with natural compost instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, for a more environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic cotton!

Discover all our organic cotton outfits*!
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*Across the Autumn-Winter 2020 collection   *fibres of organically-produced cotton

47 million plastic bottles
have been used
in the making of
our clothing
since 2016

Matière innovante
et durable

Made with recycled bottles and plastics, it is just as comfortable and warm as traditional polyester, while being more respectful of the planet.
The production process requires fewer chemical products and less energy for polyester that is recycled and recyclable!

Discover our products that use recycled polyester

Up to
30% recycled cotton is
used in some of
our products

Matière naturelle
recyclée et recyclable

By using recycled cotton to create new clothes, we give textile waste a new life while consuming fewer resources.

Our industry produces lots of cotton scraps. Recycling these unused cotton pieces reduce our environmental impact by limiting waste and the water and energy consumption required to produce this raw material.

Discover our products that use recycled cotton

100% sustainable
that's our goal
for 2025**


We’re always innovating for the environment, as we seek to improve the finishing treatments used on our products to reduce their environmental impact. This applies to some models now, but tomorrow we hope to go farther!

1 PFC-free*
water-repellent treatment

Made from bio-sourced materials, the new Teflon EcoElite™
water-repellent treatment for our star puffer jacket is
just as effective and 3x more durable, to keep you dry
while using fewer chemical products.

“We've made the choice to
improve the design of our
favourite puffer jacket to make
it even better
for the environment”

Goal for 2025:
100% water-repellent
jackets free of PFC

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2 Waterless fading*

Improving our more sustainable denim also means testing new methods for fading some of our jeans. New techniques using ozone or lasers allow us to produce faded and worn effects more naturally.

“Using waterless fading reduce
our water consumption by 50%
and our energy use by 61%!“
*Using less water
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let's protect
the planet

To give our children a more beautiful, healthier, more respectful and supportive world and create a positive, sustainable impact.

Discover our commitments to responsibility
  1. *Bon pour la planète
  2. **Matières principales sourcées éco-responsables (organic cotton, polyester recyclé, coton recyclé...)
  3. ***Okaïdi, la bonne idée, la bonne identité