Count on us to act
and improve ourselves every day!

To give children a cleaner, more beautiful, respectful and supportive world, we put all our effort into each of our actions for a positive, long-term impact. #GoodForThePlanet

Designing high-quality, long-lasting clothing

  • Durable clothing By choosing materials and finishes that stand up to anything

  • Timeless clothing By offering the Good Basics children’s wardrobe essentials

  • We think about passing them on By offering clothing as many lives as possible for more conscious consumption

"Chez Okaïdi et Obaïbi, nous dessinons des vêtements durables.
Nous souhaitons qu'acheter nos collections ait du sens, en vous permettant de consommer mieux."

Choosing more ecofriendly materials

Since 2012, the proportion of sustainable materials used in our collections has continued to grow. By sourcing organic cotton, choosing to recycle plastic bottles to fill the padding of our coats and investing in the latest technical innovations for processes that pollute less and make it possible to completely recycle the raw material, our brands make the choice to preserve the environment.

100% Sustainable
that’s our target
for 2025!*

the life of
our clothing

As a creator of children’s clothing, we’ve set ourselves a goal: Succeed at giving our clothing a second life to make it last as long as possible, as part of a sustainable approach.

Acting and raising awareness

How can our brands take better care of the planet? How can we raise children’s awareness of the world that surrounds them and inspire them to preserve it? Every day, these questions inspire us and we transform them into practical actions.

  • Reducing
    our plastic
  • Introduction
    to protecting
    the oceans and seas
  • Raising awareness
    about doing things
    that are good
    for the environment

71% fewer plastic
bags used
in our stores

Less plastic, better for the planet

Since 2016, Okaïdi and Obaïbi have replaced their plastic bags with recyclable paper bags produced from sustainably-managed forests. We also encourage the use of reusable bags through our eco-bag made with recycled polyester.
And that’s just the beginning!

Discover our approach

235&nbsp000 can dollars donated
to Surfrider Foundation

Together, let’s protect the oceans

Since 2012, Okaïdi and Obaïbi have worked with Surfrider Foundation Europe to fund group clean-ups of beaches, rivers and lakes. This is an opportunity to get the younger generations involved in protecting the seas and the oceans.

Always going further for our beliefs

Through fun and educational materials, we invite children to learn what they can do to care for nature, animals and the planet. Our goal?
Help them start working for a better world. It’s easier to learn if you're having fun!

A few of our creations:
  • The sustainable Happy Families game to learn positive daily habits

  • The seed map to help them discover the joy of flowering plants

  • Stickers to discover the biodiversity of the oceans

  • The Okaïdi Planet Challenge app to complete 6 challenges to protect the planet.

*100% de nos matières principales utilisées (coton, polyester..) sourcées éco-responsables.
*Nous agissons pour l'enfance