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Together, let’s give your kids’ Okaïdi-Obaïbi clothes a second life! Participating in the IDTROC means going through your closets, giving, recycling and committing together to more responsible consumption.

Starting September 09th, participate in IDTROC in your store!

How do you participate in the IDTROC second hand clothing sale?

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To sell
  1. 1

    From September 09th to October 13th Collect your tagging kit in-store.

  2. 2

    From October 7th to 13th Drop off your tagged Autumn-Winter clothing in-store.

  3. 3

    From October 21st to 23rd Collect your unsold items or donate them to a foundation.

  4. 4

    From October 23rd Your gift card is credited for your sold items.

Participation reserved for loyalty program members

To buy

From October 13th to 20th SALE OPEN TO EVERYONE Visit your Okaïdi store. Items from $3 to $10.

Access the PRE-SALE starting October 07th.

Access reserved for loyalty program members;

See participating stores

  • Carrefour Laval 3003, Blvd le Carrefour Laval - QC H7T 1C8 - LAVAL
  • Pointe Claire 6801 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire - QC H9R 4Y8 - MONTREAL
  • Galeries d'Anjou 7999 Blvd des Galeries d'Anjou, bureau 167 - QC H1M 1W9 - MONTREAL
  • St Bruno 1, boulevard des Promenades St Bruno - QC J3V 5J5 - SAINT-BRUNO-DE-MONTARVILLE
  • Galeries de la Capitale 5401 Bd des Galeries - G2K1N4 - QUEBEC
  • Rosemere 401 Bd Labelle, Place Rosemere - QC J7A3T2 - ROSEMERE
  • Place Laurier Centre Place Laurier, 2700 Boulevard Laurier - G1V2L8 - QUEBEC
  • Hillcrest 9350 Yonge St, Richmond Hill - ON L4C 5G2 - ONTARIO
  • L'Estrie Carrefour L'Estrie, 3050 Boul de Portland, Sherbrooke - J1L1K1 - QUEBEC
  • Champlain Mail Champlain, 2151 Bvd LAPINIERE - J4W2T5 - BROSSARD, QUEBEC
  • CF Don mills 16 Karl Frazer Road, Space #J3B - ON M3C 0E8 - TORONTO
  • CF Markville Mall 5000 HWY 7 East, Space 323A - ON L3R 4M9 - MARKHAM
  • CF Lime Ridge Mall 999 Upper Wentworth St, Space 163A - ON L9A 4X5 - HAMILTON
  • CF Massonville  1680 Richmond Street, Unit O38 - ON N6G 3Y9 - LONDON
  • CF Rideau Center 50 Rideau Street, Unit 385 - ON K1N9J7 - OTTAWA
  • CF Fairview Park 2960 Kingsway Drive, Space #M025A - ON N2C 1X1 - KITCHENER

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To answer your questions

  • Why participate in IDTROC?

    ÏDTROC aims to promote a circular economy among our customers.
    To do this we offer a system for re-selling second hand clothing from our OKAÏDI and OBAÏBI brands, totally free of charge. .

    ÏDTROC is different from yard sales and flea markets because the service offered is:

    • Practical and secure : the store takes responsibility for the sale
    • Simple : fixed, non-negotiable prices
    • Free : 100% of the amount sold is credited on a gift card, without fees or commission
    • Effective : 98% of participants sell one item or more
    • Responsible : participants can collect their unsold items or donate them to a foundation
  • How can you participate in the IDTROC second hand clothing sale?

    • You must be a member of the OKAÏDI – OBAÏBI or OXYBUL or ÏDKIDS loyalty program.

      Want to sign up for the loyalty program?
      Visit us in-store or at :

    • •Only sell OKAÏDI or OBAÏBI brand items, with their size label and in perfect condition (washed, cleaned, ironed, without stains, pilling, or fading), intact (buttons, etc.) with a working zipper (jackets, etc.))

      Please note that shoes, underwear (excluding bodysuits) and accessories are not accepted (hats, scarves, gloves, socks).

    • Before the sale begins, collect a tagging kit in-store to tag your items and fill in your contract before drop-off.

    • During drop-off, the store will check the quality of your items and you will be asked to hang and shelve them yourselves.

    • For three days after the sale you have the option to either collect your unsold items from the ÏDTROC area (bring your contract and a piece of ID), or to donate them to a foundation.

    • Six days after the sale your gift card (attached to your contract) is credited. Bring your contract (with the gift card attached) into the store to find out the value credited.

  • What type of clothing can you drop off?

    Only OKAÏDI or OBAÏBI brand items, with their size label intact and in perfect condition, (washed, cleaned, ironed, without stains, pilling, or fading), intact (buttons, etc.) with a working zipper (jackets, etc.))
    The following are not accepted: shoes, underwear (excluding bodysuits), and accessories.

    Only current season items are accepted:

    For Autumn-Winter :
    mid-season and winter items, but not summer items (light shorts, tank tops, etc.)

    For Spring-Summer :
    mid-season and summer items, but not winter items (turtlenecks, velvet, heavy sweaters, puffer jackets).

  • Do I have to be a member of the loyalty program to participate in ÏDTROC?

    Yes, to drop off ÏDTROC items you must be a member of the loyalty program. However, the sale is open to all..

  • What are the fixed prices for OKAÏDI/OBAÏBI items?

    • Short-sleeved t-shirts, bodysuits and leggings 3$
    • Long-sleeved t-shirts and shorts 4$
    • Pants, skirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, shirts, blouses 5$
    • Dresses, overalls, rompers and pajamas 6$
    • Light coats 8$
    • Coats, sleeping bags and crib bumpers 10$
  • Is a commission charged on sales?

    No, there is no commission or fee charged on sales
    ÏDTROC is a free service, with 100% of sales credited to a gift card.

  • Can I see the sales details?

    Yes, if you wish the store can provide you with this information at the end of the sale.
  • How are unsold items dealt with?

    • The seller has the choice of collecting them or donatingto a foundation
    • If you would like to collect them, visit the on the ÏDTROC area in-store on the dates specified (the 4 days after the sale) to find your unsold items (bring your contract and a piece of ID).
  • What are the terms of use for the gift card?

    The gift card is valid for 2 months on all items (excluding ÏDTROC items), in-store and online (scratch code = last 4 digits of the gift card number), and can be used in combination with current promotions.

The whole IDKIDS community is committed to more responsible consumption.

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Okaïdi- Obaïbi act responsibly!

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