Together, let's give your
clothes a second life!

482 812 lbs

What can you do with clothes which are too small for your kids? Instead of throwing them out, give them a second life!

Since 2016, 482 812 lbs of clothing have been collected in Okaïdi-ObaÏbi stores to be donated, re-sold and recycled.

Save space in your closets, and do something for the planet.... It’s good for everyone, especially for your children’s future!

198 000 lbs of clothing
donated and recycled.
Love Bag Okaïdi-Obaïbi
Love Bag Okaïdi-Obaïbi

A little gesture, but lots of love!

What you get for the clothing your kids have worn and you need to get rid of, what you give by letting us sort, re-distribute or recycle them!

Since 2016, throughout the world, you’ve filled our LOVE BAGS with 198 000 lbs of used clothes and shoes. They have been sorted with care, re-distributed or transformed into raw materials, new products, or even...into energy!

And all this just by dropping off your clothes at the Okaïdi-Obaïbi store nearest to you.

IDTROC Okaïdi-Obaïbi 284 000 lbs of used
clothing sold.
Ïdtroc, un geste responsable

Say yes to sustainable fashion!

Together, let’s give your kids’ Okaïdi-Obaïbi clothes a second life! Participating in the ÏDTROC means going through your closets, giving, recycling and committing together to more responsible consumption.

Since 2016, throughout the world, thanks to you 284 000 lbs of used Okaïdi-Obaïbi clothes have found a new family through the IDTROC projects in stores. Congratulations!

50+ DIY ideas...

More than 50 DIY ideas to recycle their clothes!

These are the little things we can do every day that we pass down to our children to give them a more sustainable, more responsible future!

Find all our ideas to repair, upcycle and keep your clothes lasting longer.

Discover the DIY ideas on Pinterest
Together, let's protect the oceans with Surfrider Foundation Europe
Together, let's protect the oceans
with Surfrider Foundation Europe

$187 689

To give our children a cleaner planet and act together for change,
every action matters!

Since 2016, thanks to you we have donated throughout the world $187 689 to Surfrider Foundation
, which works to protect our oceans. Practically speaking, your donations have let us preserve 3 498 000 ft² of beaches, to collect 22 046 lbs of trash and above all, to educate 10,000 children about protecting the environment.

This is what encourages and motivates us the most: seeing our children take things into their own hands to protect the oceans, the planet...and their future!

$97 562 donated thanks
to the mini-gift

A little gift for a big cause!

A little action with a big impact... by rounding your purchases up to the next dollar in store, all your mini-gifts together in 2018 let us donate $ 97 562 to Surfrider Foundation Europe. And that, that changes everything!

Because the oceans and their biodiversity still need us, let’s keep acting together!

1 bottle
= 150
saved per year

Never caught without my bottle!

By teaching our children to use a reusable water bottle instead of disposable plastic, we can act together to reduce our waste and preserve biodiversity!

1 Okaïdi bottle purchased at $4.95 then re-used daily can let you save 150 1L plastic bottles over a year.

Greener, cleaner....responsible! 100% of profits are donated to Surfrider Foundation Europe to fund their ocean-protection activities.

Event starting July 18th in your store.

1 app
6 challenges

Learning to protect the planet,
it's child's play!

The Okaïdi Planet Challenge is 6 fun, exciting games to teach your children starting at 6 years old what they can do to protect the planet.

So many challenges to complete and adventures to experience... to be an actor for change while learning and playing!

Download the app for free here:
App Store Google Play

100% of our bags
are recyclable

New bags,
new commitments to responsibility!

Since 2016, we have reduced the volume of our plastic bags by 51%... we're convinced that we can go further to reduce our environmental impact.

This time, here's what we're doing: We're getting rid of recycled plastic bags and replacing them with paper bags made from sustainably grown trees and recycled materials.

Surfrider Together, let's protect the oceans!

Since 2012, Okaïdi-Obaïbi has committed to supporting Surfrider Foundation Europe, an organisation that works for the defence, protection, promotion and sustainable management of the oceans.

Do you want to act for change?
Thanks to the oceans initiative, you can participate in trash collection to clean up the beaches. You can also learn about environmental challenges on the educational website Ocean Campus.

Together, let's give your clothes a second life!